what is hypnosis?

  The hypnotic state is a natural state, a kind of pleasant altered awareness. Although most people report feeling very relaxed during hypnosis, many don't find it particularly remarkable at all. The fact is hypnosis can feel pleasantly familiar. The one thing that clients do notice however is the subsequent positive changes in their conditions and behaviour.

There are many misconceptions associated with hypnosis, and the legends and mysticism which encompass it are generally unfounded. This web site will help you to appreciate hypnosis as the natural phenomena it is and dispel any false illusion of magic or mind control.

Hypnosis when used as a therapy can be an extremely powerful and effective resource.

Hypnotherapy uses a deep state of relaxation during which time you will be in complete control and aware of everything that is happening around you. You will not be asleep but in a state of heightened awareness. Your subconscious mind will be acute and responsive to positive suggestions. In this relaxed state of wakefulness your therapy can help uncover the root cause of your problem, deal with current problems both psychological and physical or enhance your performance ability.